Mini Candle Set

Mini Candle Set


Our mini Candle Set provides the opportunity to indulge in 3 separate scents hand-crafted with care. 

Pick 3 scents to gift, try or relish individually. 


  • Scent Glossary

    Juniper Water & Sage

    • Lavender, Juniper Water and Sage blend seamlessly into Sage and Cardamom creating the ultimate sophisticated spa fragrance.

    White Woods & Cut Grass

    • Fresh green kale with fresh garden notes. Similar to a cut grass type scent but not, it’s green and fresh but so very unique.

    Sandalwood and Orris

    • Sophisticated and sexy the mildly spicy, nutty and aromatic Cardamom mingles with the soft and sophisticated Orris and settles into creamy Sandalwood.

    Smoke Cedar & Cumin

    • An intriguing, fiery fragrance reminiscent of enjoying a roaring fireplace curled up on a plush leather couch.

    Rhubarb & Wormwood

    • Luscious juicy fruit mix with vibrant florals and blend into creamy Peach, Apricot and Vanilla.

    Grapefruit and Mint

    • Very bright and fresh, an invigorating spa type fragrance with juicy grapefruit and orange, crisp peppermint, elegant florals and sandalwood.