Zollie & Co. handmade candle company pays homage to the scents of Spain. Our products embody the light and bright feel of the country. They speak of the vibrant culture of the region, giving you the feeling of a relaxing holiday.  Spain an irresistible aromatic journey, from the lingering scent of night blooming jasmine to the pick-me-up of the citrus groves of Seville.

At Zollie & Co., we capture these scents so that they may fill your home with their warmth. Our vegan, eco-sustainable and non-toxic wooden wick candles are filled with vibrant woods and leathers, aromatic herbs and radiant blossoms that explode with an irrepressible ‘joie de vivre’.

Who we are 

Hello there! My name is Maria Gamez-Zielke and as the Founder of Zollie & Company I'd like to welcome you to our page. This all started when I brought unique perfumes back from Spain for my friends.they wanted to experience those evocative aromas in their homes. What began as a candle-making hobby has grown into a flourishing business with customers throughout North America. Being a Wardrobe and Set Stylist by profession, my attention to detail have me obsessively blending essential oils for bespoke fragrances. Zollie & Co was born from my passion to create genuine and unique scents for others to enjoy.


From designing and blending to pouring and packaging, we craft all of our products by hand. Each step in our process is taken with care and consideration from our family to yours. From our studio, we are able to monitor and produce quality products, crafted to perfection from start to finish for your enjoyment.